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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't hate me because........ I am easy peasy !

Okay, remember several years ago when bread machines were everywhere.

While cleaning my kitchen the other day I stumbled across our old bread machine. I figured why not take the old girl out and give her a whirl.

Well......My new best friend proved she is worthy of the choice spot on the counter top. Someday, will talk about just how small and limited the space is in my kitchen. Keep in mind we live in a home that is over 120 years old and I think that the kitchen was a total afterthought.

Back to my new BFF and her wonderful bread making talents. First we made a simple white bread it was nice and normal, then I looked in the cookbook that she brought to the party and found a date and oatmeal bread recipe. Once again she impressed me with her talents.

But today she really pulled out all of the stops with a cinnamon raisin bread I found on the net. As I added the ingredients the smell of cinnamon and brown sugar began to waft up and I knew we were on to something. As the bread machine worked it's magic, I sat back and waited with warm apple butter at the ready.

Finally, the bell sounded and just like a test subject of Pavlov, I was ready. Now let me just share with you how wonderful this bread is , light in texture with just enough of an outer crust to hold your apple butter in place, chewy but not doughy and sweet like a mother's love (Really, I am telling you the truth ). The cinnamon and raisin mixed together so well that the raisins are almost like little sweet candies in the bread. The aroma is in a whole category by itself, no candle or air freshener could begin to match the smell of this bread.

So with this I encourage you to get that old bread machine out and try this recipe and see if you are not filled with love and devotion for your bread machine too.

Bread Machine Cinnamon Bread

1 1/4 cup warm water

3 1/3 cups bread flour ( I use King Arthur, I think it does the best job)

1 1/2 Tbsp. dry milk

3 Tbsp. brown sugar

1 tsp. salt

2 - 3 tsp. cinnamon

3/4 cup raisins

1/4 cup butter ( I used veggie oil, I was totally out of butter)

1 1/2 tsp. bread machine yeast

Add ingredients to bread machine following manufacturer's instructions. Bake on light setting. make 1 large loaf ( 2.0 pound size) http://www.cooks.com/

As always my fork is at the ready,


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